Trinidad & Tobago stand at the crossroads

Do we give another Government another Bligh


Where are the “Leaders”???

Why doesn’t the President simply say who told him to proclaim Section 34??

Why has the Prime Minister doesn’t even speak out on the matter?

Why doesn’t anyone in a senior Government position explain who gave the instruction to have Section 34 proclaimed??

The answer is we do not have “Real Leaders”, we do not have any strong Men or Women in Government, none with conscience, none ethics, nor morals.

More importantly none who care about the Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago more than they love their position in Society!

For the past 10 years, all have made accusations, called names of each other, wildly. But today the silence is deafening!

Who can instruct the President of this Country?

Why have a president if he is just a puppet who signs any thing handed to him?? What was the rush, to see fireworks??